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TOGETHER, We Help Make Homeownership Happen

Real estate professionals in Georgia and the contiguous states, have recognized the value of a Georgia MLS membership. Members have access to the industry's most advanced technology tools, and the greatest statewide listing exposure of any MLS in the state, for one low monthly fee.

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We've compiled some helpful resources to help you get the most from your Georgia MLS Membership.

A Proven Track Record
More homes are consistently sold through Georgia MLS than any other MLS in the state.

Unparalleled Products and Services
One low monthly fee $100/month to the office and just $20 per agent.

Extensive Listing Exposure
Across all 159 counties in Georgia, as well as additional counties in Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina.



Real Estate Broker
Member Fees

  • Georgia MLS is a flat monthly fee service to real estate brokers and their sales agents.
  • Startup fees include a $500 initiation fee, along with the first month's membership dues of $100.
  • The monthly fees are $100 a month to the office, and $20 a month per licensee within the office.
  • A timely payment credit of $20 will be applied if the invoice is paid by the 25th of each month.

Georgia MLS does not charge listing input fees or transaction fees

Member Fees

  • To join as an Appraiser, there is a one-time $50 initiation fee, and then $44 a month for each appraiser member.