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Listing Data Options

Internet Data Exchange - IDX

The IDX program is a mutual agreement between Brokers allowing the advertisement of each other's listings on their websites. Brokers must follow IDX rules governing listing display on the websites. Broker IDX participation is an automatic opt-in process.

Virtual Office Website - VOW

Virtual Office Websites differ from IDX websites in that a client relationship must be established via a registration process allowing consumers to have access to the VOW data set. Whereas an IDX data feed may not contain listings from a Brokerage that has opted out, or every available listing field, VOW websites offer the complete MLS data set.


Listing Syndication - Distribution to Consumer Portals
Listings entered into Georgia MLS can be distributed to third-party portals for display on consumer websites. Individual listing distribution is managed at listing entry by selecting Y/N in the Display Listing Internet field.

Georgia MLS currently syndicates to:
listing syndication image

ListHub On-line Publisher Network
As a member benefit, Georgia MLS Members can utilize the online publisher network ListHub. which distributes listings across 154+ publishers and 750+ websites.

How Does It Work?

  • Broker Registration: The head broker in charge can register online at no cost to use the service
  • Broker Choice: The broker chooses sites, lead management settings, and where to drive consumer traffic according to the company's business rules
  • Accuracy: ListHub pulls the most up-to-date listing information and distributes it according to the registered broker's settings
  • Automation: As new listings are added to the MLS, or as existing listings are updated, ListHub distributes the new and updated information automatically, ensuring that the broker's online marketing is MLS-ACCURATE!
  • Reporting: ListHub collects the traffic metrics from all of the publisher websites and compiles them into reports that provide brokers with critical marketing intelligence to guide their marketing

Broker Back Office Data Feed
Do you have a need to supplement an in-house third-party software product with your listing data? Are you developing an internal tool to advance your brokerage services? Georgia MLS provides listing data feeds allowing Brokers to augment their back-office software.