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REDI/Catylist is the go-to source for accurate, complete, fully-researched data in your market at an affordable subscription price.

  • National listing exposure on Commercial Exchange included in membership
  • Integrated marketing and lead-generating tools such as Broadcast Email, Reporting and an Advances Leads Dashboard
  • One-click, presentation-ready reports and brochure including granular data points, like traffic counts, demographics, parcel boundaries, retail logos, etc.
  • Comprehensive decision-making data including market intelligence and trends, property-level vacancy data, transaction analyses and more.
  • Unlimited listings - No per-listing or tiered pricing

  • Property Characteristics
  • Available Space
  • Historical Data
  • All Listings and Transactions
  • Contact
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Building Directories
  • Demographics

GAMLS Members Enjoy a Low Locked-In Monthly Rate of $125.00 until 2023 without long term contracts.