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 once and done.

Ditto is a listing autofill product developed by Georgia MLS to save you time by giving you a head start on entering listings from different property types or from other MLSs. Ditto takes the information from an existing MLS and prefills a listing entry form with the relevant information.

How would Ditto Benefit Me?
Ditto can be used to copy an existing listing (whether it is on the market or off) from any MLS and/or any property type into GAMLS.

So Easy to Use!

  • Simply click the Ditto link on the GAMLS homepage
  • Select the MLS from which you want to import the listing
  • Find the listing by address or street number
  • Select the Property Type you want to enter into Paragon
  • Review the form and save
  • Save as a Full listing or Partial listing in Paragon directly from Ditto