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Offer Manager

A Better Way to Submit and Manage Offers
Integrated within your ShowingTime account on both mobile and desktop.

Offer Manager brings improved efficiency and communication to a critical part of the real estate process. Its integration with the ShowingTime platform provides agents significant benefits without disrupting their current workflow and communication styles.


"Hey, Did You Get My Offer?"

Have you ever emailed an offer only to be met with complete silence? Did you send it to the right email address? Did it go to spam? Offer Manager removes any ambiguity from submitting offers, making sure it's delivered to the right people and notifying you as soon as it is opened.

Submit the Offer Through the MLS
By submitting the offer instead of emailing it, Offer Manager gives complete confidence the listing agent has the offer, complete with a quick-glance summary and all documents.

Get an Offer Received Notification
Buyer's agents will be instantly notified with the exact date and time the listing agent actually opened their offer, which can be forwarded to the buyer letting them know their offer was officially received.

Receive Better Offer Communication
By making it painlessly easy for the listing agent to keep you updated on the status of your offer, you'll be more informed throughout the whole process and can better serve your buyers.


Offer Manager does all the work by automatically organizing and storing offers by listing, so they're accessible 24/7 on mobile or desktop. Listing agents and their assistants will still get the complete offer and all attachments by email and can handle multiple offers on all their listings with ease.


Customize How You Receive Offers

Listing agents can set multiple people to receive offers by email, text and app notification, making sure everyone is notified of a new offer. This is easily customizable per listing and works seamlessly for co-listing agents, teams and assistants.

Get More Complete Offers

By allowing listing agents to update their offer instructions for each listing, they can set clear expectations of what's needed for a complete offer, limiting the back-and-forth with the buyer's agent.

Easy to Keep Buyer's Agents Updated

Whether you prefer to call or text the buyer's agent, or use the time-saving mass update capability, Offer Manager will help you be more efficient and professional since the buyer's agent contact information is stored with the offer.

Why Submit an Offer through ShowingTime?
Submitting an offer in the MLS with ShowingTime's Offer Manager gives you confidence the listing agent has received the offer, complete with a notification to buyer's agents when it was viewed. Check out the video to learn other reasons submitting your offer improves communication and efficiency.

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