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Initiate the tenant screening process easily during listing input!

RentSpree is a Rental Application and Screening Suite for Georgia MLS members that allows you to quickly and easily offer tenant screening directly on your Residential Lease listings. RentSpree simplifies the rental process by managing the application process, background checks, credit scoring, and eviction reports.

This is a core product available to Georgia MLS members at no additional cost.

Save Time

Any agent can sign up and start screening tenants in minutes. All reports are returned efficiently, even on nights and weekends, so there is never any waiting.

Reduce Liability

Agents who work with RentSpree know that RentSpree manages the entire screening process. No more handling sensitive information or collecting screening fees from clients.

Happy Clients

You will receive a clean and professional application package from each applicant who applies. Your clients will thank you for quickly accessing the comprehensive infomation needed to make an informed decision.

Full Credit Report & Score
Get a complete overview of applicants’ credit histories, including all payment history, trade lines, inquiries, collections, and more.

Criminal Background Check
Screen prospective tenants with a comprehensive background check that searches over 200 million criminal records.

Eviction Related Proceedings
Access an applicant’s eviction history with resources from over 25 million records across all 50 states.

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